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The best 100 jokes in the world 2023

best jokes ever Mother-In-Law Funeral Joke Animal Humor Tom was walking down the street when he sees a funeral procession. At the head was the casket, behind was a man walking a very large dog and behind him were 300 people. Tom walks over to the guy with the dog and asks who’s funeral is this?The man answers, “My mother-in-law’s.” Tom wishes his condolences and asks, “She must of been a very important person, but what’s with the dog?”  He answers, “This is the dog that killed her!”  So Tom asks, “can I borrow the dog for an hour?” He responds, “Get on line!”   Cleaning Dishes Joke Animal Humor I hired a new maid last year but she wasn’t doing a great job. I called her into the study and told that I was sorry but I was going to have to let her go. I tipped her an extra $20 and thanked  her for her services. As she was leaving she threw a $10 bill to our dog, Lucy. I asked her, “What was that for?” She replied, “Can’t forget my helper! Lucy has a great tongue, and always hel